The Magnanimous Journey Of Our Mammoth…! [PART-2]

All the forts are being captivated illegally or on the brink of captivation the ‘Datia Palace’ is so intricately carved but every bit is in vain – the lake nearby is in weeping condition, all the surrounding parts are very well captivated by the locals even the main structure is in ruins but what to balance these monuments or the ever growing population everywhere as far as the eye goes one can see people and more of them but I wonder when the living conditions are so grim what are we going to give our next progeny when there is scanty for every bit even the basic minimalistic requirements are scarce then what is the point of giving birth and the villagers are also becoming dead lazy just sitting and gossiping on futile topics or giving their best on their fugitive mobiles.

datia palace

datia palace pond

I wonder when there is not a single drop of education or knowledge then what on earth would they surf for? Or who on earth cares to see those ugly made up smiling faces? And why on earth would one be interested to know where am I? Or what am I doing? But people really seem to be utterly engaged in their mobiles, eating meals or grazing on that and just spending time and energy to produce children, littering everywhere with their filthy leftovers in the form of Styrofoam plates or plastic or that no sense ‘gutka’ and spitting every here and there but they are travelling I sometimes think earth is really tired of these activities…