The Magnanimous Journey Of Our Mammoth…! [PART-3]

The Gwalior Fort is no exception or the Jhansi Fort but the Gwalior Fort is in a much better condition the barren lands emitting fumes of heat waves, no water no nothing just bare and naked the sun is teasing from there above but it’s the fault or all done by us the great ‘homo sapiens’ infinite chopping of trees but surprisingly all the ‘rock eating demons’ the crushers are using their jaws in full swing to crush the huge rocks to be sold but ‘aren’t they disturbing the external and internal balance of ecosystem?’ and just everywhere one can find folks moving around and many times it has happened that while educating common people GC gets a setback people are not really worried about their own Earth they are ready to blame others or shrug their shoulders on others or leave it on government but isn’t it the duty of every citizen?

Yamuna Expressway

Yamuna Expressway

Oh well people are busy cultivating the new crop called multistorey buildings or townships millions of schools are mushrooming tech colleges but then who will grow the fodder for us or are we going to eat pasta pizza or lasagna exported from outside forget the age old chappati, rice or dal you will be considered outdated if you eat that but are we accelerating our lives towards a better future or going into a black hole of self destruction…

Aligarh, Bulandshahr, Hapur are no exception not to mention Delhi, it’s so filthy and dirty it’s for the elites to have those few demarcated lanes to live in otherwise it’s not a place to dwell especially the old Delhi hanging swings of electrical wires extending from one pole to the other, the tell tale techno hubs Greater Noida, Noida or Gurugram a diversion from Pari Chowk could take one into this busy shuffling townships but good lord the traffic was mind boggling the giant multi storey buildings either empty or partially full but still the developers are constructing on the name of development but is it really development?, on the contrary if one visits Singapore or Malaysia amidst of the sky scrapers they have plenty lots of greenery around as buffering zones with whole loads of fresh water but in Noida or Greater Noida the greenery was just nominal just techie sector but then what after office where could one go for chilling out?, except the ‘Yamuna Expressway Highway’ things were pretty worse in these places I think the whole lot of hard earned money would go into doctors pocket only at least people can plant trees in pots or get some natural elements into their nests seeing their perches really reminded me of the pigeons living on the sills of these buildings windows but it’s very crucial to incorporate natural elements in their lives…