The Magnanimous Journey Of Our Mammoth…! [PART-8]

But how about the rivers? We just do limitless perilous things to it but it still flows murmuring the song of life, nurturing life and yes wherever stopping making it ‘delta’ for us to survive but do we render the same respect to nature that it truly deserves, but we cannot be perfect as nature or close to it there has to be countless flaws for we can’t be nature or a tiny speck of it as nature takes its toll its meticulously perfect may it be in the form of ‘serial killer’ or accounting for the fathomless beauty that it imparts depending on the situation but whatever the scenario might be its but picture perfect…

Welcome to Tehri Lake/Dam

tehri lake road view

tehri lake

Woooooosssshhh there you are, hello I was awakened from my thoughts when suddenly we screeched or brakes at the beautiful sight of ‘Tehri Dam’, I was dead scared to look down below, treacherously scary down below where the river was flowing surrounded by jagged mountains but not of rocks but of soil, mud and grit all the banks were loose, the soil was ready to get eroded once a rain comes torrentially down but again I am in helpless situation, many arrangements were going on for the festival to commence but all for money, by the money all materialistic constructions no one is really thinking of the real cause that pinches me somewhere but still the river as it is paving its way through the crevices like a huge ocean green coloured Anaconda, we moved up and down dispersed our priceless seeds, had talks with the locals about preservation and conservation but then they hardly care what matters is just a morsel of bread and butter, whatever happens is in the hands of god but how irresponsible we are if good happens it’s our credential but if worse happens it’s in the hands of god super cool…

tehri lake view

Some astonishing Tehri Lake view.
Some astonishing Tehri Lake view.